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Michael H. Karu featured in NJ Law Journal - Maintaining Tax Deductible Alimony Under Tax Cut and Jobs Act

Read about how the The Tax Cut and Jobs Act (TCJA) impacts divorces occurring after Dec. 31, 2018, through the elimi- nation of taxable/tax deductible alimony. read the full article here

Michael H. Karu is quoted in a KSDK article - Does itemizing or standard deduction minimize taxes?

Should you itemize deductions or take the standard deduction for tax year 2017 (the taxes you will file in early 2018)? Either path may be right for you, but don't just assume the standard deduction is your best option. With today's sophisticated tax software, it's relatively easy to calculate your itemized deductions and see if you can deduct more than the standard amount.

First, make sure the standard deduction is even an option that you can take. In some cases, the standard deduction is not permissible – for example, if you are a married couple filing individually and your spouse itemizes, then you should use IRS Publication 17 to help you determine your eligibility.

Assuming you are eligible, find the standard deduction for your filing status. For 2017, the standard deduction is $6,350 for single filers or married couples when they file separately, $12,700 for married couples filing jointly or qualified widow(er)s, or $9,350 for those filing as the head of a household. The standard deduction may increase if you are blind or age 65 or above – see Publication 17 for details.

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Family Law- Jersey Law Journal article "Whose Lifestyle Is It Anyway?" by Alexandra M. Kachala and Michael H. Karu

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The Employee Balancing Act

Michael H. Karu is quoted in an article in New Jersey Business Magazine.

read the full story published in June 2017.

Volleyball and News 12

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-NJBIZ - “Triple Play: The 'exit tax' and its impact on New Jerseyans,” (9/6/16)

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Levine, Jacobs & Company, LLC Member Quoted In NJBIZ - Exploring the impact of wealthy New Jerseyans exodus from N.J. to Florida-

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Small Biz America Radio – Michael H. Karu, CPA/CFF/CGMA, Member, Levine, Jacobs & Company, L.L.C., was recently interviewed by David Wolf, Host, Small Biz America Radio.

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Fit Small Business Guide – How to Pay Self Employment Taxes -

Michael Karu, Member, Levine, Jacobs & Company Featured In Business Valuation Guide
-A discussion on how to properly handle self-employment taxes –

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Fit Small Business Guide – How to Value a Business –

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NJBIZ Triple Play – Choosing a successor -

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Bloomberg – Have you filed your taxes: Am I going to get audited -

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Bloomberg – Tax Collectors are going after Netflix , Airbnb, and Burning Man

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“Great, I’m Divorced, Now What?”

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